The Gospelnight Dresden is a Christian choir project. We celebrate services with gospel music and prayers on Christmas Eve and on one weekend in January. Join us in singing – you don't need to be Christian. People from other countries are always welcome.

We meet from September to January. Rehearsals will take place every friday from 7 to 9pm. There will also be two additional rehearsal weekends, one in October and one in November. We will also rehearse with our band and soloists. (please scroll down for further information)

Every one is invited to  join us in singing – feel free to participate starting at any friday in September. You will get your sheets of music from our organising team so that you can start right away. Experiences in choral singing or reading music are not required. There will be no auditions! Please note that our rehearsals and services are held in German. However, there are members of our team and our choir who are fluent in English and happy to help you in case of any questions or in gaining important information in English.

To cover the costs for food, transport, logistics and accomodation, our choir members are asked to pay a participation fee.

The participation fees for 2016/2017 are

  • 45€ for pupils
  • 60€ for students and apprentices
  • 80€ for employed persons

The fee for the provided sheets of music are 5€.

Financial difficulties should never be a reason for you not to join the Gospelnight. If you are experiencing difficulties in raising the participation fee, please feel free to contact our team.

Still got questions? Write to us or join us on facebook!


Choir rehearsals 2015/16

  • every friday 7-9pm beginning at 9th September (join us before 30th September)
  • rehearsal weekend I: 14-16th October
  • rehearsal weekend II: 18-20th November
  • rehearsal with band and soloists: 16th December, approx. 6-10pm
  • dress rehearsal: 22nd December, approx. 6-11pm (run through rehearsal, open for the public)
  • rehearsal with band and soloists: 13th January, approx. 6-10pm

Concerts / Services

  • 19th Gospelnight at Christmas Eve, 11pm
  • Sunday service at the Christuskirchgemeinde: 8th January, 9am

Tour weekend

  • 20-22nd January